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Cool level design, has nice timings, so it's just hard enough to beat.

The game is pretty jittery on my PC, and I ended up going pretty far in lvl 2 and then falling through the floor between all the textures underneath the map :$

I Don't know why the jittering happens, I have pretty up to date specs which should be able to run it fine, but it still happens occasionally. I found that restarting my pc fixed it, I still don't know the cause. 

Very nice two levels! Hard but nice. The wall sliding made some sections a bit easier  than at first look.

Hey this is a lot of fun! I got stuck at level 2 though. I enjoyed wall sliding and flinging myself across spike pits!


Nice game! In level 2 some of the bullet timings make the platforming a little too difficult, and I think you should add checkpoints where the musical notes are. Other than that it was fun and I had fun playing!